So call the fire brigade, lock up your flammable wicker man masks and stand away from the burning flames, the Iona Session CD ‘Island Wild‘ is finished, available in bulk , and is now on sale.

The Iona Scottish Session has been meeting weekly for nearly 3 years. In that time, we’ve hosted many of the greatest visiting Scottish, Cape Breton and Irish traditional musicians, entertained bar patrons with weekly dancing, pipe blasts and a fiddle barmy army, and promoted concerts and workshops. The motor got running on the first and only Scottish traditional music session in NYC – thanks to a kick up the bum from a certain internationally renowned Scottish fiddler and the commitment of a core crew of regular professional musicians.

Now that we’ve established a home for Scottish music in NYC, the scene steadily grows with every session. Our collective has produced its first record and documented the atmosphere that makes these sessions an essential contribution to New York’s Celtic music scene!


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