Thanks to everyone who performed and all who came down to our  JALOPY CEILIDH IONA SESSION CD RELEASE PARTY FRIDAY  OCTOBER 30th 2015 – you’re all fantastic




Fraser Charlie patsy-reid

We’re super excited to welcome to NYC the tippiest toppermost players of the Scottish trad. world this weekend at Carnegie Hall. It’s a jam band with a touch of the highlands when Indian ragas meet Scottish strathspeys for The Pulse of the World, an evening of irresistible rhythms with Zakir Hussain—the reigning tabla master who has played with everyone from George Harrison to the Grateful Dead—laying down beats for Scottish fiddlers Charlie McKerron (of Capercaillie fame) and Patsy Reid (formerly of the fiery band Breabach), and master Scottish Piper,Fraser Fifield. Pulse of the World is a freewheeling, pulse-quickening, constantly surprising fusion of Indian and Celtic sounds.  Tickets here.





The Iona session has been going now for nearly three years, thanks to the great support of the bar and the musician community.  We’re always excited to bring in fantastic players to lead the session, but we wanted to go a bit further and try a concert featuring our regulars with a bill topped by some exciting visiting talent for Tartan/Scotland Week ( April 4-12th 2014).  Since Iona is nominally a Scottish session (we also love Irish music) we decided to bring in some great players who play in the Cape Breton/Scottish style. So…. drumroll…..we booked some great artists to play with us on Thursday April 10th 2014 at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn and the  great Scottish single malt Laphroaig sponsored a live whisky tasting at the event.
The sold out  Cape Breton Scots concert featured Troy MacGillivray  a leading Cape Breton style fiddle player, with 11 CD’s to his credit and a long performing history around the world. Also performing was young NE Fiddle Champion Katie McNally with pianist Neil Pearlman whose debut album ‘Flourish’ demonstrates the vitality of the new world Scottish folk scene, plus pipe and fiddle duo Ben Miller and Anita McDonald who look to the traditions of the Scottish Hebrides and Cape Breton Island on their new CD “On Home Ground”. Representing  the thriving session scene centered around our Iona Bar in Brooklyn, fiddlerAmy Beshara and Calum Pasqua plus Max Carmichael, Andrew Forbes, Andrew Sharp and Matt Diaz  (whose photo show ‘THE OPEN SESSION’ opened at Jalopy the same night) and friends rounded out the bill for a great night of  traditional music.
We’re also sponsoring a stunning  photo exhibit  THE OPEN SESSION  by musician and photographer Matt Diaz –  of NYC based traditional musicians including photographs of the session families at Dempsey’s and Iona plus many others. The photography show will open at Jalopy with the concert on April  10th and  is a celebration of the vibrant NYC traditional music scene and the incredible mix of people who gather every night in small groups to make music together.  The photo show runs from April 10th – April 24th 2014.

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