Monday March 24th regular session night – plus announcement of concert and photography show at Jalopy Theater Brooklyn, April 10th 8pm $15


Well St Pat’s was a great old time at Iona.  This coming Monday we’ll be having some  post Pat’s fun with the regular session from 8.30pm.  Since we’ve been going a good three years now, thanks to the great support of the bar and musician community, we thought we’d try our hands at putting on a concert – so we’re pleased to announce on Thursday April 10th at the fabulous Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn, 315 Columbia Street at 8pm we’ll be hosting a concert with top visiting trad music artists.  Fiddlers Katie McNally and Troy MacGillivray top the bill with the Iona regulars Amy Beshara, Max Carmichael, Calum Pasqua and Andrew Forbes, and pipe and fiddle duo Ben Miller and Anita MacDonald supporting. $15  Tickets here

Our own Matt Diaz, photographer and musician, will be opening a photography show  called ‘The Open Session’ the same night at the Jalopy Theater (April 10) of portraits and session family groups taken at the traditional music nights all around NYC.

DEMPSEY-POSTER_small_web based

Dempseys Session Family

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