Session tonight Monday 13th January at Iona from 8.30pm


Well lots of news this week.  First, please join  Matt Diaz, Andrew Forbes, Amy Beshara and Max Carmichael for tunes tonight.  It’s strangely pleasant outside.
Next week, the 20th, we’ll be led by recent  graduate of the Piping Masters program at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire,  border piper Will Woodson, before he sets off for the frozen north to resettle in Portland with pipe maker and oor pal, Nate Banton.  We’ll miss them but we’ll see them.
Our Burns Spectacular  this year will be on the regular Monday 27th.  Haggis, poetry of the Bard of Ayrshire, drink promotions with Bellhaven and Laphroaig, featuring the Iona All Stars led by fine kiltie men, piper Andrew Forbes (GHB’s included) and champion fiddler, Calum Pasqua.
180 Grand Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

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