Lilly Pearlman leads Iona Monday 20th October Alba’s Edge play Cafe Vivaldi, NYC Sunday 19th

Albas Edge
Alba’s Edge play Cafe Vivaldi Sunday 19th October and  Lilly Pearlman will lead the Iona session on Monday 20th.
ALBA’S EDGE GIG – On Sunday 19th October in NYC downtown our  pals from Portland, Maine Lilly and Neil Pearlman bring their Scottish trad/afro cuban/jazz influenced band, Alba’s Edge to Gotham City to play Cafe Vivaldi in the Village from 8pm. Lilly and Neil (children of Scottish fiddler Ed Pearlman) are amazing musicians, and this show will be a stonker. Get there early if you want a seat then come and play some tunes with Alba’s fiddler Lilly at Iona on Monday night from 9pm

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